Why Schools choose Frampol Internet

High Speed.

Enjoy the convenience and reliability of a fast Internet connection, enabling your school to move forward in technology and education.


With the use of military grade firewalls, The Frampol network is secure from harmful content online, inappropriate websites, virus and malware attacks. This protects your students and teachers online.

Tailor made.

Our solution is tailor made to suit the educational and long term needs of your school.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

Other Features

Uncapped solution

Get unlimited access to resources, downloads and learning material. Frampol gives you peace of mind meaning you can use your internet without having to worry when your data is going to run out. All our packages are unlimited!

Network Protection

Frampol Internet comes secure from harmful content on the web thus ensuring your safety when surfing the web.

Dedicated customer support

With Frampol, the customer is the King. Your needs are treated with utmost priority and we strive to keep you updated on the progress of your request. Are constantly tired of poor customer service and need a reliable support team? Then Frampol is right for you.

Customized packages

Worried about cost and set up? We got you covered. With Frampol, our packages are tailor made to suit the needs of your business. From the installation process to monthly subscriptions, we ensure that we work within your time scales, budget and requirements.

Redundant connection

Enjoy the added convenience of multiple fiber links. With Frampol, we will set up a backup connection which automatically goes online in the event that your primary link goes down. In a nutshell, Frampol gives you over 90% guaranteed uptime.

Free local bandwidth

The Frampol Internet gives you 10 times free bandwidth to use locally and access any national websites or programs. With this advantage, your students and teachers can enjoy instant access to online resources and learning material.