What's good about it?

Save Money

Fixing your technical problems remotely will save you on call out fees!

Save time

Technicians can attend to your problem in a matter of minutes!

Proactive maintenance

Our technicians will handle all your software updates and security for you, monitoring the health of your system and ensuring it's efficiency.

Outsourced IT Services

Fastfix: troubleshooting made easy!



Automatically install antivirus and update essential software on all your devices.

Automated Reporting

Fastfix will generate comprehensive reports on the performance of devices, keeping you up to date on the efficiency and reliability of your machines.

Automated Maintenance

Using the Fastfix dashboard, your IT technician will be able to maintain the health of your network and devices.

Real time feedback

Up-to-the-minute information on the status of your network, server and devices.

Automated software updates

Fastfix facilitates the running of software updates on all your machines, ensuring that each computer has the latest version of essential software.

Remote support

90% of technical problems can be solved remotely, saving time and cutting costs.