What's good about it?

Save Money

Cut travel costs needed for a technician to come and fix issues onsite. With Frampol fastfix, 90% of your computer problems are fixed remotely.

Save time

Time is a limited resource your school cannot afford to waste. With Fastfix remote support, computer issues are fixed in half the time it takes to sort them out if we were onsite.

Proactive maintenance

With Fastfix computer support, we handle all computer updates, antivirus, security, and monitoring for you. The Frampol team will ensure your machines are healthy 24/ 7 and our fastfix monthly reports will give you a proactive approach to PC maintenance and security.


We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

More features


Automatically install antivirus and updating of essential software on user computers.

Automated Maintenance

The fastfix dashboard will help to maintain the health of your network and computers.

Real time feedback

Fastfix gives you real – time feedback on the status of your network, server, laptop or desktop.

Automated Reporting

Fastfix generates consultative and executive level reports. These are crucial for effective decision making for your school and board members.

Automated software updates

The fastfix system allows automatic software updates to be run on user machines. Ensuring that each computer has the latest up to date version of essential software programs.

Remote support

With Fastfix, a technician can fix 90% of the issues affecting your computer. This is done remotely while you watch. The connection is secure, instant and efficient, saving you time and money.