What's good about it?

Threat Prevention

With new threats emerging online daily, it is our highest priority to keep your school protected using specialised protection softwares such as Bitdefender, Fortinet and Eset Antivirus.

User Productivity

Regulated browsing which allows users to access only those websites that facilitate learning will protect your students and your network.

Maximum Performance

By managing your internet usage, you will save time and money, improve the speed and reliability of your network and ensuring its safety and privacy.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

Other features

Application control

Choose which applications run on which device. Also, decide who has access to which applications and at what times of the day giving you added convenience and control.

Web content filtering

Not all web content is ideal for your business. Get a chance to filter inappropriate or unproductive websites which may be harmful to your organization.

Tailor made filtering

Frampol can design a content filtering plan that works for your business. From blocking inappropriate websites, downloads or apps at particular times of the day all dictated by what works best for your business.

Risk assessment

Get an assessment on the health of your network. Helping you to make informed decisions that secure your Network and improve productivity.

Automatic protection

With Fortinet, we ensure security without compromise. Fortinet automatically blocks access to virus infested websites that want to attack your network.

Data leak prevention

Protect your organisation's confidential information