What's good about it?

Name Recognition & Branding

Having your own domain email is an easy way to promote your School. Your prospects see your name with every email. The more they see your name, the more they’ll think of you and become loyal.

Customer Trust

An email domain says you’re professional and operate an established school. This builds the trust your parents and potential students have in you.

Easy to Find You Online

Users will type in the domain part of your email address to find you online. If you do not have an email domain it is difficult for your alumni, students or parents to find you.

Privacy & Compliance

Many public email services are susceptible to hacking, potentially exposing your confidential school information and possibly other secure information to hackers online. Getting an Email domain will help to prevent this and increase security.

Network Security

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

Other features

Cloud based access

Get access to your emails and reply your audience from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Frampol will help setup your email account on all devices, bringing you convenience and reliability.

Email security

Frampol email service uses a secure connection that protects emails sent out and received. With us, your email service and support is secure.

Free Email support

So long you are on the Frampol email service platform all email support and assistance comes at no additional charge. Saving you costs and increasing convenience for your school.

Value for money

Frampol email hosting packages come at a competitive cost a year. From prices as low as $100 per annum depending on your needs, we give you a reliable service at a fraction of the cost. Helping you to save money.

Spam filtering

The Frampol email service reduces the risk of your important school emails or newsletters getting bounced or sent straight to the trash bin. Since email is a primary method of keeping in touch with your alumni, students and parents this is absolutely critical.

Email archiving

Our Email support includes helping you with archiving old emails and keeping them safe for future reference. This is crucial as your emails may contain important information that you cannot afford to lose.