About Us

Frampol specializes in the provision of innovative information and communication technology services.

Frampol was founded in 2004. Since our inception we have grown to become an information technology powerhouse that is continually playing a pivotal role in our sector. The level of customer satisfaction and the ability to meet our ideals measures our success. Hence we are always the preferred partner for our clients with whom we build long term, mutually rewarding relationships. We work with them in an integrated network and earn their trust and respect by delivering innovative solutions and reliable service.

Our clients are also assured of innovative, value-added services, which are provided by our highly skilled and qualified employees, which include Internet service provision, onsite or remote support, full supply chain solutions, evaluation and in-depth consulting services.

  • Our aim

    To become the total information and communication technology service and business solutions provider locally and regionally. While extending Gods Kingdom by fighting poverty, setting people free, and declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our day to day activates as well as through our Corporate Social Responsibly Project called Helping Zimbabwe. Read more...

  • Our Vision

    To be the leading Internet Service Provider and IT Support Company locally with a global presence. Providing Internet content which is safe and God honouring.

  • Our Mission Statement

    To provide complete, quality Internet and ICT solutions to our clients by incorporating sensible and cost-effective technologies. These products will be supported by a team of customer-oriented quality staff whose overriding priority is to provide professional service to our customers resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Our current client to support staff ratio is: 20:1, ensuring you get the attention you require.

Why Choose Us

Reduce costs and increase productivity through innovative technology fit for your needs.

We ensure that we fully understand a client’s unique needs and our clients desired outcome before we begin any engagement. We establish appropriate contacts within a client’s organization to get to know the people and the business in facilitating our performance in the engagement.
We make sure that our consultants are appropriately skilled to undertake the engagement and to achieve the agreed outcomes. In addition to staff skills, we consider the personalities involved ensuring that behaviour and attitudes will enhance and not detract, from the desired outcome and client experience. We have 65 years of combined ICT experience with working experience in: Asia, Europe and Africa, specifically in the following countries: Sudan, Chad, Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Seychelles, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa.
We expect to be held accountable for our advice or actions. Where required and appropriate, we will share the risk of achieving the desired outcome. We review our performance during and at the end of the engagement.
We will work with key people nominated by our client and will ensure that those are properly prepared to continue the initiative provided by Frampol and take it forward.

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