What's good about it?

Build your brand

Your reputation determines the success of your business. With the Frampol Social media service, we custom build your brand, helping you to create a positive image that generates interest from your target customers.

Promote your business

Need to promote your product, service, mobile app or company? If yes, we are here to help. Generate revenue through tailor made campaigns. Target a specific audience based on gender, age, interests or location and get the desired response from your preferred market.

Expand your network

Go digital and touch the world. Expand your business connections, create long lasting partnerships on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Googleplus. Frampol will help your business to become a popular search around the globe thereby expanding your market and potential.

Malware Protection

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

Other features

Brand voice strategy

Initial brand voice strategy tailor made to suit the needs of your organization, product or service. This strategy determines how you interact with your audience online and generate customer loyalty.

Social media setup

With Frampol, We promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Google plus thereby reaching out to over a billion users online. With us, your customers will be able to instantly find you anywhere at any time so long they are online.

Content posting and management

Frampol will help you to get the attention and interest of your audience. Through regular posts, adverts and product campaigns you get to reach a wide audience , engage your customers, improve your service and overtake competition.


Our service includes training your staff to manage your social media presence and engage with customers. Something that is necessary to keep your audience up to date, happy and loyal.

Mobile access

Get instant and mobile access to your social media presence. Get in touch with customers on the road, at work or at home through mobile apps that help you to stay informed on your smartphone or tablet.

Real time reporting

Want to know how your business is performing online? We got you covered. With Frampol, get real time reports on the status of your Facebook page, product campaign, customer engagement and user feedback. This helps you stay informed and make effective decisions to enable your business to succeed.