What's good about it?

High Speed.

Enjoy the convenience and reliability of a fast internet connection that enables your students to learn, research and explore the world around them from their classrooms.


Your protection and privacy are our priority. We are committed to maintaining the absolute security of your network.


We will design a package to suit your unique goals and requirements.

Explore your world.


Uncapped connection

Let your students have unlimited access to the learning resources available to them online without worrying about bandwidth!

Network Protection

Our secure network and effective firewalls ensure the safety of your students, their work and your data at all times.

Dedicated customer support

Your needs are our priority! We are committed to keeping you connected and protected at all times. With our dedicated support team, you can rest assured that your requests will be attended to promptly and effectively.

Customized packages

We will tailor make a package to suit the needs of your school, ensuring that we work within your budget and expected time frame to achieve your goals!

Redundant connection

Enjoy the added convenience of multiple fiber links. In the event that your primary link is interrupted, we will ensure that you have a back up connection to keep you and your students online!

Free local bandwidth

We allow free of charge access to all local websites and online content, not only giving you value for your money but also increasing the speed of your connection.