What's good about it?

Secure browsing

Instant protection from harmful websites and viruses.

Intelligent Antivirus

Intuitive, instant response to potential threats and malicious content online.

Real-time protection

Rest assured that your data and privacy are protected at all times with our up-to-date security software.


Advanced protection at a fraction of the cost.



Automatic protection which blocks all virus, malware and spyware attacks.

Safe browsing

Browse the internet without worrying about harmful sites and malicious content.

Wi-Fi security advisor

This will alert you to any unsecured networks and potential threats, ensuring that you are protected when connecting to a different network.

Secure Online Transactions

Bank and perform online transactions knowing that you are protected from theft and fraud.


Block unsolicited messages and even predict spam outbreaks.

Search Advisor

Find out whether your search results are safe to access before you actually click on a link.